Are you receiving audit letters from your local Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) for Medicare telling you they overpaid you for your services to your patient? Hopefully if you are, you and your billing staff are taking immediate action to investigate the issues listed in the letter to determine if they are correct or not. If you haven’t received a letter from your local RAC yet, just wait, you will probably see one in the future. The RAC program is being expanded to look into new areas, for instance they are starting to look into the use of the 99205 & 99215 CPT codes.

At Superior Medical Billing Solutions, we do not assume that the RAC audit is correct and just refund the money.

Medicare RAC Recovery Audits

RAC Recovery Audits

We investigate the claim to see if it was paid correctly and file an appeal to have them retract the refund request if we find the claim was properly paid in the first place. We have seen more RAC letters in the past few months for most of our providers and have appealed and won on every single one of them.


Yes, it does take some extra time and effort to investigate, file the appeal and follow up to make sure the appeal is processed. If your billing staff or outside billing service can’t or won’t put in the extra time to file these appeals, then you are just letting money fly out your door. Appeals and follow up is a major part of the service that Superior Medical Billing Solutions offers to our clients. This is not an additional service that can be added to our contract it is included for every client we have.

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