Part of our service to medical providers is a No Cost Medical Billing Consultation.
We offer this because in our experience most providers excel at the medical aspect of their practice but are not necessarily versed in the most up-to-date billing and collecting opportunities.

During this No Cost Billing Consultation we look at the overall financial health of the practice. This is done by assessing the current billing processes and procedures. We evaluate the accounts receivable to determine the average number of days an account is in A/R. This points out to the medical provider the duration of their billing process – from examination to receiving insurance claims, Are you getting paid in a timely manner?

We also review the current follow up procedures to determine if the billing staff is collecting on all accounts. Many medical providers do not send out secondary billing or patient statements. They figure that these are small balances and are not worth the time. When in reality these small balances add up over time and reduce a practices bottom line. Don’t let profits simply slip through the cracks!

No Cost Medical Billing Consultation

No Cost Medical Billing Consultation

We also offer clients, who sign up for our services, an extensive chart review audit to determine if their medical documentation is sufficient to justify the charges they bill. As a Registered Medical Manager, (RMM) with 20 years’ experience in the medical billing, coding and practice management field, Superior Medical Billing Solutions has the training to assess the entire practice to determine if the practice is compliant with HIPAA regulations, documenting and coding is correct and managed efficiently according to the providers mandates.

Take your Medical Billing to the next level and utilize our No Cost Medical Billing Consultation. Evaluate key components of your billing procedures; Are you getting paid in a timely manner? Are you ready for ICD 10? Determine How to Reduce Claim Denials, Identify compliancy concerns, Eliminate Payment Delays and Increase your Revenue Today by simply calling Toll Free 888-520-9330 experience and expertise to service the details and increase your bottom line.