All payments and mailed correspondence are sent directly to your office. You just need to detach and deposit the checks and then forward the Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) to Superior Medical Billing Solutions. We will also set you up with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) for all carriers that offer these services. By using EFT and ERA you will have your money sent directly to your bank account and the ERA will be sent to our clearinghouse for retrieval. This process can speed up the time between claim submission and your payment date.

Whichever way the Remittance Advice is received by Superior Medical Billing Solutions we will review them to make sure that the insurance carrier has paid at the correct contracted or out of network rate.

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) posting and review

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) posting and review

We then accurately post the payment to your patient’s account, including any deductibles applied or contractual reductions necessary for that particular insurance carrier and patient. Our practice management software also keeps track of patient balances due so that we can balance bill any patient who has a remaining balance due after insurance pays.

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