Medical Billing ICD-10 Implementation Timelines

At Superior Medical Billing Solutions, we’re preparing to help you transition to the new ICD-10 coding standards that take effect October 1, 2015. We are continuously training and preparing for the transition to ICD-10 coding. This training includes keeping our practices up to date on the steps they need to implement for ICD-10. As a nationwide medical billing company, we can help your practice adapt to these changing standards, 5010 being the first steps in the transition-we specialize in offering efficient, transparent, and correct medical billing services to each of our clients.

ICD-10 Timeline

January 1, 2010
  • Payers and providers should begin internal testing of Version 5010 standards for electronic claims
December 31, 2010
  • Internal testing of Version 5010 must be complete to achieve Level I Version 5010compliance
January 1, 2011
  • Payers and providers should begin external testing of Version 5010 for electronic claims
  • CMS begins accepting Version 5010 claims
  • Version 4010 claims continue to be accepted
December 31, 2011
  • External testing of Version 5010 for electronic claims must be complete to achieve Level II
  • Version 5010 compliance
January 1, 2012
  • All electronic claims must use Version 5010 Version 4010 claims are no longer accepted
  • CMS extended this deadline to March 31, 2012, but Superior Medical Billing Solutions has been fully 5010 compliant since Janury 1, 2012
October 1, 2013
  • CMS is currently reviewing this deadline and may extend it
  • Claims for services provided on or after this date must use ICD-10 codes for medical diagnosis and inpatient procedures, CPT codes will continue to be used for outpatient services
October 1, 2015
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced on April 1, 2014 that they will delay the implementation date for ICD-10 from October 1, 2014 to October 1, 2015.
  • This will give providers and other covered entities an additional year to prepare for ICD-10.

You can learn more about the ICD-10 transition timelines below, or by reviewing the ICD-10 FAQ’s and Implementation guidelines for Small and Medium Practices.

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