COVID-19 Updates and Superior Medical Billing Solutions

We are maintaining our normal business hours and can be reached by phone or email. See below for helpful information and our most current COVID-19 Updates.

—by Superior Medical Billing Solutions | Apr 20, 2020—

During this COVID-19 pandemic there have been so many changes in the medical profession.

Some offices have closed and gone to just providing services by telehealth while others are continuing to serve their patients in person while practicing “social distancing”. Whatever you and your practice have decided to do during these uncertain times, Superior Medical Billing Solutions is here to help you with your billing needs.

For the first couple of weeks of the stay at home orders, there were updates and changes to the billing process almost hourly. Now that things have settled down a bit, we can say that services by medical providers are being allowed by most carriers whether they are done with audio/video, just by telephone or in person. Most carriers and Medicare are allowing providers to bill their usual CPT codes for visits done with audio/video through a secure portal. They are also allowing specific codes for telephone evaluations done just over the phone.

Just remember that any telehealth services, whether audio/video or by telephone must be requested by the patient. You can’t just call any of your patients up and tell them they must do a visit by phone or video chat. Carriers will be doing audits to make sure that you document the visit was patient requested and that they agreed to the visit being done virtually or by telephone.

Superior Medical Billing Solutions hopes everyone stays safe and healthy during these uncertain times. If you or your practice are needing a new biller who can help to keep your cash flowing while we make our way through this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are maintaining our regular hours and can be reached by phone.

—by Superior Medical Billing Solutions | Apr 20, 2020—

To All Medical Providers

To all medical providers out there fighting on the frontlines or the ones who are still staying open as an essential business to take care of the needs of their patients, we are here to keep your billing process current and to advise you on all the myriad of changes happening right now.
We are maintaining our normal business hours and can be reached by phone or email. We are all in this together and we look forward to helping you to keep your doors open for your patients, staff and yourself.

Stay safe. Thank you.

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